Important Things When Looking for Cheap Houses For Rent

If it was quite hard in the past to find a nice house and rent it, it seems that nowadays it’s not as complicated as you may think thanks to the many resources you can consider. The thing is that not everyone will be able to travel to various locations to check the exact condition of the homes they’re interested in renting and that is why they will try to simplify the process by going online and looking at pictures and videos of their preferred cheap houses for rent.

The thing is that even though this is a much easier and simpler way of renting a house, there are various risks to going down this route and there are quite a few scams you need to be aware of if you don’t want to waste your precious time and money. To make sure that your experience will be nothing but pleasant, be sure you consider the following tips since they’ll guarantee the rental process is going to be faster and easier.


Important Things You Need To Keep in Mind When Looking for Cheap Houses For Rent


Know Who You’re Dealing With

When you’re interested in renting a house you should know that you’ll find 4 entities that can help you with the rental process. By knowing everything about them, such as their reputation, how long they’ve been in business for and the types of services and guarantees they offer, you’ll have the peace of mind that everything will fall into place.

1. Real Estate Brokers: This is probably one of the best choices you can consider if you want to rent a house. Real estate brokers work closely with the house owners and they ensure the clients that the house looks exactly as advertised. Therefore, when getting in touch with one, you’ll have the peace of mind that the houses they’ll recommend you look exactly as in the pictures you saw online and have everything you need to satisfy your needs for a comfortable living experience.

2. Travel Agencies: What is great about travel agencies is that most of the times if something goes wrong you will at least receive a refund of your money. On top of that, while some of these agencies collaborate with well reputed real estate agencies, some of them don’t, so they cannot be certain if the condition of a house is exactly as described by its owner.

3. Internet Marketplaces: These marketplaces are basically platforms that help house owners list their house so that it can be seen by a certain number of people. The thing is that the marketplace is only a platform that connects the house owner with a potential client and there are again no guarantees involved. You will find that owners generally post pictures in online marketplaces, but some of them may be very old or they may even be pictures of other houses. As a result, you need to be vigilant with your selection process and remember that if something goes wrong, you won’t be covered by a third party.

4. Directly Dealing With Owners: A lot of people seem to be okay with the fact that they’ll deal directly with the house owner, but keep in mind that when you rent a house this way you won’t always be provided with a contract. On top of that, there is also the problem of trust, since you have no third party to confirm and offer you some kind of protection or security that the offer is not a scam.

If An Offer Sounds Too Good To Be True, Then It Probably Is

I think you’ve probably stumbled upon some offers that literally sounded too good to be true and you were maybe even on the brink of considering them. The thing is that nowadays, you’ll rarely find such offers to be for real and in most cases, they are just scams. Therefore, be sure that when you look on the internet for cheap houses for rent to always use your common sense. For example, if there is a house that’s advertised to be situated in the center of New York and it goes for like 700 dollars a month, then you can be sure that is definitely a scam. To avoid these types of scams, you can do a bit of research online and get to learn more about the prices for the area you want to rent a house in.

Cheap Houses For Rent

Finding Cheap Houses For Rent in Seattle, Washington, USA

Don’t Send Money Using Unsecured Means Of Payment

A lot of people have fallen for the age old scam that involves sending money via Western Union when they want to rent a house. The problem with Western Union is that this is not a traceable payment method and literally everyone that has the MTCN code will be able to claim the money. On the other hand, it’s a much better idea to consider paying via bank transfer or credit card, as these payment methods can easily be traced.

Always Ask For Extra Details

Renting a house on the internet means that you will not be able to visit it in person and that is why it’s best if you ask for extra details, such as photos and videos. The house owner also needs to show you proof that he is legally able to rent the house to you and at the same time, he also needs to list the amenities of the house, the type (coop or condominium) and the nearby points of interest and premises. Therefore, if the house owner you are communicating with online with the goal of renting his house doesn’t want to provide you with such details and comes up with excuses, then it’s best for you to consider another house.

Check The Background Of The House Owners Or That Of The Real Estate Agency

If you want to rent the apartment through a real estate agency, you need to check if the agency is legally certified to offer you such services. If its operations are legal, then you’ll generally see an Asta, Iatan and\or BBB logo on the agency’s homepage that proves they’re accredited. While some of them will post these logos on their own, it’s easy to check if they are valid or not by getting in touch with the institutions they claim to have offered them accreditation.

As you can see, if you’re looking for cheap houses for rent there are quite a few things you need to keep in mind if you don’t want to be scammed. Of course, it’s always best if you can go and see the house in person, but sometimes, especially when you want to rent a house from a different city or even a different country, this is not possible and that is why you need to consider these steps to be absolutely sure the house you rent meets your expectations.